Rectangular aluminum containers

Rectangular aluminum containers are ideal for delicatessens, rotisseries, fast food and catering. The rectangular shape, in fact, allows easy transport of food as well as a more secure grip of the tray. Usually containers like these are used both to make sweet recipes – cakes such as tiramisu, caprese, brownies – and savory recipes – lasagna and more generally baked pasta -. There are also rectangular trays characterized by higher side walls, such as Contital Folded line, particularly used for cooking plumcakes, strudels, brioches or bread.

Types of rectangular aluminum containers
Rectangular containers can have an L or G rim. Trays with an L rim can be closed with a cardboard lid or a cardboard/aluminum lid. This feature makes containers with an L rim particularly suitable for fast food or takeaways services since they can be re-closed and can be used for the transport and delivery of food, preventing food from escaping from the container. In addition, the lid protects food from external contamination, preserving its freshness and integrity for a longer period of time.

Contital supplies different types of smoothwall or wrinklewall rectangular aluminum containers with both L and G rims. Our trays are available in multiple sizes, both in plain and lacquered versions depending on the use. It’s important to remember that all aluminum containers can be used in the refrigerator or freezer, and in the traditional or microwave oven to make the experience of buyers as pleasant and functional as possible.