Contital is proud to announce that the range of disposable aluminum plates and the line of wrinklewall aluminum containers, both plain and lacquered version, have obtained the ReMade in Italy certification in class A +. This label is issued to materials with a recycled content greater than 90 percent.

The evaluation also included two aluminum heat-sealable tapes to seal containers and protect food during transport, which achieved class A.

In particular, this certification attests that our aluminum plates and wrinklewall containers meet the requirements of the European Directive 904/2019 of 5 June 5 2019 which promotes circular approaches and recyclable and reusable products; of the National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement (PANGPP); catering services.

What’s ReMade in Italy?
ReMade in Italy is a non-profit organization, found in 2009 with the purpose to enhance and promote the most innovative Italian companies in the field of goods production, starting with waste recycling. The certification attests the use of recycled materials in products and the resulting environmental impacts. The label obtained can be affixed directly to the certified lines, for direct and transparent communication to the market.

Contital is glad to have reached this goal, which was possible thanks to the integrated cycle of the Laminazione Sottile Group, which ensures control of the raw material, high recycling rates and reintroduction of industrial waste in the circular recovery path.