The heat sealable aluminum trays have numerous advantages for both industrial operators and consumers. In particular, they simplify the preparation process of the food destined for sale. To better understand this statement, let’s analyze the various steps: once the food has been prepared, it can be cooked and then blast chilled in the container. Then, according to need, the operator can choose to carry out the heat sealing on the counter, or to package the product in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), if intended to be consumed in the medium-long term. MAP is a technology permitting the easy modification of the composition of the gases present in the packages. The main purpose of this packaging process is to extend the preservation of the quality of foodstuffs. After that, once the consumer has purchased a previously heat-sealed aluminum tray, he can heat it at home, in the traditional or microwave oven, and enjoy the food in complete safety.

Which heat sealable tray to choose?

Contital produces and supplies the range of Smoothwall aluminum containers, suitable for heat sealing. The Smoothwall heat sealable trays have several benefits:

  • Food can be cooked, heated, blast chilled and heat sealed inside
  • Thanks to the aluminum, with which they are made, they distribute heat quickly and evenly, reducing cooking times even for frozen, refrigerated or defrosted foods
  • They allow you to package ready-to-cook meals
  • Available in naked or white / terracotta versions, they offer an elegant and captivating aesthetic
  • The aluminum, which composes them, acts as a barrier against external contaminants
  • They are 100 % recyclable